Fashion Challenges To Try For March

Challenges keep fashion trends alive, old or new. It is a token of what used to be so big that most people are fighting to be a part of it. They’re almost like tasks that experts use to relive and make the best out of items. Aesthetics of different eras certainly won’t fit here, but let us road you down to nostalgic, personal favourite trends!


Are you into K-POP? If so, then you might remember Blackpink Lisa’s style from the music video titled ‘As If It’s Your Last’. Wearing crop tops on top of long sleeves is surely a daring fashion statement; but even though it could take some time, we’re sure that many will be able to pull it off!

A little twist that you could try for starters is layering our Dalila Top over a long-sleeved bodycon suit. While still looking girly, there’ll be a hint of swag waiting for you!


These few years have been a revolutionary twist for women, that some of us choose to let ourselves free; in a mind-blowingly supportive way! Many celebrities have already taken onto the No-Bra movement – Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, to mention a few.

This may be a longer journey to discover, but certainly is possible. The Ava Crop Top is the perfect medium for you confident girls to start with, providing support and coverage in the lightest way possible.


Last but not least is the easiest trendsetting game to start with. According to The South African, this simple challenge is quite popular as the hashtag has received over 6.1 million views on Tiktok. That’s right, it’s the #weekendoutfits! For those of you who put a lot of effort in weekend getaways, then this is perfect for you!

When you picture paradise, you see Rumi Set. The lightweight fabric with ruffles and natural friskiness is perfect for a fancy short trip on Sundays. It wouldn’t hurt to hop on and make a video out of it, too!


As an endnote, we would like to say that these trends keep people from all over the world closer. If common lists are not your cup of tea – you could make your own and shake the world with your ideas! Happy spring, don’t forget to be free with the flowers.

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