Resort Wear Screams Wanderlust

A tropical lifestyle with splashes of waves sweeping you off your feet; to mention that it is everyone’s dream is an understatement. We get so caught up in our daily lives that every so often we wonder where all the good times went. Taking a break might be difficult, but manifesting it to be right on top of you is something we are trying to promote.

Exactly, by utilising fashion at its finest. Resort wear is the ultimate definition of vacation. Plus, a lot of brands that have been trying to adapt sustainability through approachable designs to portray the feeling of home. With a skyrocketing rating of versatility and wearability, no one should think twice to add the flavour of summer into their closet.


For starters, it is fresh! However long the storing period might be, its magic comes back to life instantly with the right season choice. Our Bastina Crop Top shows the perfect example of utility in various scenarios. Imagine this: You are going to a casual meeting, but have another plan after, which is to hit the beach with your friends. Just by altering the bottom, you’ve got it!

To think that every culture has its own unique pieces makes you wonder how much more left there are to explore. Well, we’ve got one. Next up is the Dita Crochet Top, the layering blessing. Inspired by the local weaving techniques in Bali, you’re going to feel tropical as soon as it touches your skin. Wear it with a jacket or long sleeves underneath, nothing’s going to stand in your way.


The main fabric of choice being affordable cotton and linen, it is no longer a limited option. Here at PRLA, we take upon resort wear as one of our line up due to its adaptability. The timeless concept that’s brought upon by the ample variety of structure is a wonder for designers. A cherry on top would be the message that it has over eco-friendliness and slow fashion of every kind.

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