Fashion Tips To Boost Up Your Productivity

We all need to be in good condition both at home and office to give our best at work. Traffic, queue, and other inconvenient situations can ruin your day, but don’t let them affect how you function the whole day! At least your outfit-of-the-day can keep you in a good mood.

In general, formal clothes such as blazers, dress pants, and skirts are commonly office wear as they are the big fashion code we regularly wear to the office or any online meetings at home. But great news! Today companies are adopting more relaxed rules, and if that applies to you as well, it means you can choose a dress code for yourself that helps you be more productive and confident. 

Your style choices affect how others perceive you, and while it enhances your good side, it can also make you better at your job. The way you dress also determines the culture of your workplace. Yes, your clothes represent where you work. Here are some friendly tips to gain more productivity at work!

  1. Put more time into your appearance for more motivation

The pandemic is on the way to its end, and your work-from-office days are back. And coming back to the office means meeting the people you work with, so a good appearance will definitely speak for who you are and especially how you do your job. And this particular confidence will keep you inspired and, of course, productive throughout the day. Our Lara Vest in White will be an eye catching detail that prevents any fashion anxiety to maximize your efficiency at work!


    2.Put on something that makes you comfortable

Why bother wearing clothes that keep your hands busy correcting discomfort? Low neck tops? Tight clothes? It's definitely an unnecessary burden. To be more productive, you have to get rid of the things that keep you from staying focused. Wear something breathable, like our Adel Top in White. You can pair it with any bottoms in your closet, such as high-waisted jeans for casual and pleated pants for a more formal look.


     3.Develop a personal style

Base-colored clothes will help you decide on an outfit that is your own style without making you look too over the top. They also suit your hair and skin tone best and save you from worrying about finding other outfits to mix and match. But, colors personally affect our moods and those around us. So, sticking to the color that perfects you the most is crucial too! The Gaia Shirt in White is perfect for your base color collection.


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