Find Out What Your Style Actually Says About Yourself

Our dress sense resembles our character, or safe to say, our personality. The way we dress up lets everyone unravel what generally kind of a person we are. A fashion psychology has a say: our clothing choices do have a true impact on the way in which we perceive and judge each other. Your fashion taste expresses what you’d want to be.

The way you sort out your wardrobe actually says something about you. For example, people with a chic style embody their personal taste for simplicity and elegance. Their wardrobe would be packed with monochrome basic garments, and effortless maxi dresses. Four of the personality types that define your dressing style are confident, relaxed, compassionate, and romantic. These attires are in tune with your personality. Find out what’s yours!

Slip Dress

Featured : Lora Slip Dress
Slip dresses resemble a confident person perfectly. You can immediately see the confidence someone holds with a white slip dress on, topped off with heels and a slicked-back hairstyle! These dresses give you an effortless and timeless look, making them appropriate for every kind of occasion.

Cozy Knit Looks

Featured :Kai Sweater in Beige
Comfort is what every relaxed personality thrives for. They don’t seek attention by wearing tight and awkward stuff, instead, they spend money on snuggly clothes that hug them cozily on a packed-scheduled kind of day. And a trendy, cozy knit set will be the one for them! What’s so good than being stylish and comfortable at the same time?

Drop Shoulder Top

Featured : Dalila Top
We all love a compassionate person. They are warm and open to one another. Off-shoulder looks often define and echo this personality the most. If you’re one with this tender character, make sure to only choose cute tops that resonate with your loving nature!

Floral Wrap Dress

Romantic people always dress to impress. They wear various types of clothes, but the calmed and sweet ones. They wear only pieces that accentuate their amorous side. And a floral wrap dress is perfect for these amorous beings, how feminine!

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