Giving Slow Fashion A Whole New Perspective

The world revolves, this is a fact understood by humankind. It contains a core axis, running everything around and making sure that everything comes back to where it was. Well, the modern regime has made it difficult for this theory to be applied in our everyday lives. We see semi-valuable items that can be thrown away or replaced. This surely harms the flow of the universe.

The industry of fashion, in particular, mass produces clothing items to relieve the needs of consumers. When we reflect and think about it, there must have been tons of clothing we throw out to replace with a new, trendy item. This is what we call fast fashion. It is a way of living that is portrayed so hurriedly that we sometimes do not have the power to stop or conceal it. This needs to change, and you know it.

Thankfully, there are real movements that have begun to interest more people, thus Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion, to put it simply. It includes a perspective on fashion that takes into account the methods and materials needed to produce garments. It promotes investing in better clothing that will last longer and upholds ethical treatment of people, animals, and the environment in the process.

Slow fashion and sustainable or ethical fashion have many characteristics. They adhere to the same fundamental principles and are sister movements. The primary distinction with slow fashion is that it concentrates on lowering consumption and production in particular. Dozens, even thousands of mediums have already come forward and built a place you can learn the fundamentals in.

“Pre-Industrial Revolution, garments were locally sourced and produced. People would buy durable clothing that could serve them for a long time or make their own from the textiles and resources available to them. Clothing reflected the place and culture of the people wearing them,” as quoted from Good On You. This was and will always be an amazing way of recognizing what you wear.

PRLA, as a brand, puts forward ethical production up to distribution in order to give back to the  environment and bring back the golden era of slow fashion. Though difficult, we strive to be 100% organic in our work ethic and make sure that not only quality, but the people involved would be fulfilled. The first step is right in front of your eyes, so, take the chance. Be a sustainable warrior and find out how much you can help the universe over a single click!

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