Here Are Five Ways To Alter Your Favourite Top!

We get more eager every year to start wearing all of our summer clothing as the days get warmer. However, we discover that since we can create alterations any way we choose, we generally have greater success making things ourselves than shopping in stores.

Being ecologically conscientious and cost-effective, upcycling your clothing is an excellent method to gain fresh styles. The best part is that you can reinvent your closet's contents without having formal training in fashion design. Therefore, if you want to recycle fashion, you can simply add and remove fabric to alter the shirt's size and fit. You can even alter the shirt's look and experiment with crafty additions like these.

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  1. Adding lace to extend your favourite shirt – Cut enough lace to cover the shirt hem, and backstitch both the beginning and the end of the stitching for increased durability. For a more feminine touch, use gathered lace or make your own.
  2. Make extra spaces and strings – Produce shirts into something akin to a tie top so you can control how loose or tight it fits around your middle and obtain a cut-out in one spot.
  3. Paint your way out - With cardboards inside for layer protection, set a stencil on top of your shirt and secure it with tape. After that, paint using a sponge or brush! Spray paint can also be used to achieve a more modern appearance.
  4. Hop on the tie-dye trend – Ever get bored of oversized t-shirts? Don’t sweat it because you can create magic just by collecting some hair bands and a bucket full of paint water. Dip it in and wash out to create an authentic and cultured goodness.
  5. Make it into a dress – We admit that we don’t wear blouses often anymore. It can be hot and demanding. Both those and shirts can be altered as a summer dress. Cut the arms out and add in your favourite statement belt. All you need left is boots!


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Change the size of an old t-shirt by adding fabric or cropping, or transform it by embellishing it with custom stencils, iron-on patches, dyes, and many more. The possibilities are endless, and we dare you to keep on discovering. Check out our collection of tops to have fun with!

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