How Do You Stay Warm & Fashionable?

It is definitely not the perfect time to go out. In this state where the universe decided to limit us, the best chance to look ready is by letting go. There’s no need to burden yourself with the worries of what to wear. When the most casual of outfits is considered an archetype, you might as well get on board. Dressing up gives us personal confidence, which is why it is essential to emphasise style, no matter how chilling and snuggly this season might be.


TIP #1

When you’re deciding to get cosy, it is important to feel comfortable. Look for the cosiest pair of pants and jacket that won’t limit your sense of movement.


TIP #2

Level up your guardedness by layering like a pro. Never sacrifice a good outfit because it’s too windy, as an active mind could take you ever so far.


TIP #3

Appreciate patterned knick-knacks as a way to jazz up your style under everything. Nowadays, a simple sweatshirt could look fancy with the right kick.


To follow, a few styling tips to keep in mind are:

-          Wear big belts to balance out the layers.

-          Using fitted bases to prevent bubbles.

-          Tucking in on one side to hold the chicness.

-          Adding a splash of colour as your accent.

-          Considering textures like faux or leather.


Last but not least, here are some outfit recommendations to complete your reading journey.


Featured: Kai Set 

Made out of ethically handled cotton yarn, this set will make you feel modestly pleasant. With an up-to-date design and texture, not much pairing process should you come across; Kai has it all.


Featured: Kaio Top In Black

The cut out details over a warm long-sleeved wonder is a mix of emotions you won’t find anywhere. This is the ultimate top to mix-and-match with, as there are lots of blank pages to layer in.


Winter is almost over, and we hope that our suggestions could help you go through it in mode, while waiting for the beautiful spring to come up.