Spelling Out Sustainable To Help You Understand

The global dilemma lies hardest on the creative industry. Demand is not something that a company could shove off easily, as much as how requests come subconsciously showering our senses. Quoting from Vogue Business, fashion made little tangible progress last year. Emissions are still going up, circularity remains elusive, next-gen textiles have yet to scale and countless garment workers are going hungry.

Sometimes, we push change so eagerly that we forget to manage the intrinsic factor. Let us open our inner eyes and find out the true meaning of sustainability.

S – Strive for the action that could heal our planet. Research and let your first steps be guided by trustworthy resources.

U – Utilise every last resource to use and reuse. If you have an extra sheet of cloth, make a purse out of it. Magic can be found anywhere.

S – Surrendering doesn’t always hold a negative connotation, it actually is the most generous trait one could ever provide to the ecosystem.

T – To buy, or not to buy. The biggest questions hold the simplest answers. Is it worth it? Will it carry a huge effect? Yes, or no.

A – Attain the mindset of saving and giving, while also developing a sense of responsibility. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I – Impacts to realise; how the fast pace of the fashion industry is hurting not only land or water, but the people living off of it.

N – Never take the scenarios that the entire universe couldn’t fathom to care about easily, as it could actually promote change.

A – Attach mindfulness and consciousness over every decision you take; whether it’s about choosing the most eco-friendly detergent or plastic.

B – Be someone that your older self could look up to, and try to connect the dots into a precious diagram of effect that you carry.

L – Let your mind help you travel towards the destination you choose. The first steps are always difficult, but willpower helps you thrive.

E – End it all with a simple word and prayer to convey to this world, in the hope of helping people realise that there’s more than what the eye can see.

As a brand, we try our best to make PRLA the most eco-conscious as it can be. We hope that more people could start and hop on their journey to make zero-waste not a mere trend, but a lifestyle.