How To Develop Your Sense Of Style In The Lockdown

Your personal sense of style tells the world who you are. Knowing what you want is crucial for having a sense of style. It all comes down to drawing inspiration from others, figuring out what fits you, and expressing yourself when it comes to fashion. The good news is that you can start developing a sharp sense of fashion and finding your unique style with the things you already own.

Simply put, personal style is identity. It involves becoming aware of your true self and then letting your sense of style and appearance reflect it. The goal of personal style is to show your inner beauty so that your outside look is a reflection of your inner self.

Sure, it is easy to follow fashion trends or replicate the appearances of people you respect, such as famous people or internet influencers, but doing so might be harmful to your own branding. When you imitate someone else, you are expressing their inner self rather than your own. Luckily, we are here to walk you through the ways in rediscovering yourself during this lockdown era!


Feeling yourself

Before you embark on a complete wardrobe overhaul, wait until you feel comfortable putting together ensembles and have a solid understanding of the types of things you like and why.



Take it all out and place it on your bed. If something no longer fits or you no longer like it, put it in a plastic bag and take it to a charity shop.


Observe around

Examine the individuals around you. Do you like the pattern? What about the fabric? What about the proportions? Try it with your own spin!


Let clothes fit, not you

Try to put it on. You don't like it? So don't bother. It doesn't imply that you're not attractive. It simply signifies that something did not work.

Getting all out

Seek out different styles, colors, and silhouettes that are outside of your usual comfort zone for the sake of research. Start by setting small goals for yourself.


A little disclaimer: Don't worry too much about defining your personal style or organizing your wardrobe just yet; your main goals at this point should be to observe, obtain a greater understanding of how the various components of an attire work together, as well as get a sense of what kinds of things you are personally drawn to.