How To Rock A Head-To-Toe Resort Wear

The post-beach clothes you throw on over your bathing suit is known as resort wear. You're on the right track if you're thinking rompers, skirts, resort dresses, light sweaters, or any type of linen clothes. These suggestions, however, are just the tip of the iceberg, as dress codes will differ from resort to resort. To create your ideal packing list, we must first iron out a few minor issues.

Nowadays, the genre of resort wear has broadened way too far. The essence of it is sometimes tarnished by the production of basic shirts or pants that are claimed to be “totally resort”.

Continue reading to find out what's hot in the world of resort clothing, and what to add on for a better look all over!

  1. Cover ups

These types of clothes are made for any outing, day or night, you can wear one with or without your bathing suit underneath. Check out the Thea Skirt for instant. It looks effortless, like it is barely hanging onto your waist, but it provides the perfect coverage for your beach days.


      2.Bye-bye basic

The days of basic t-shirts preponderating over your wardrobe are gone. Now that the gears of life are starting to gas forward again, going over the top is a must. Sustainable doesn’t mean boring, and the Kaio Top in Black proves this to you.


     3.Summer corner

Midi skirts are officially in. For example, take a look at our Lara Skirt in White. The high, daring slit on the side allows the skirt to flatter and move with you. An additional feature that PRLA provides for you is the adjustable buttons up front, so go all out and style away!


      4.Dress to impress

With our versatile dresses you can go from sand to sidewalk without a worry. Dresses are easy to wear in nature, as most of them come with accessories and statements intact already. Try Gala Dress and Lora Slip Dress, to name a few.

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