Going To Family Gatherings With Confidence

You know how parties are the baseline for dressing up, right? The contemplation you go through just for picking the perfect outfit for the night is impeccably strong – it makes you know who you are. You strut into the ocean of people with point of views so similar that you can’t help but feel safe and appreciated. Well… This case does not work for family gatherings.

Pressure comes from all over the place in a room full of relatives. It is a national – no, universal thing that we feel the most self-conscious during these occasions. First of all, accomplishments. There’s always going to be a cousin who’s graduating from a prestigious university, working at a multinational company, and that actually makes you happy for them! Except, when people start to compare.

So, you come into deep thinking. Yes, stuff like this always happens and it’s inevitable. But what if you give yourself the benefit of the doubt and find something that you could be proud of? Fashion! Yes, this one field where you could actually be yourself or fit into the set standard in many ways possible.

Without any further ado, here are the top three outfit recommendations to shine in your gatherings!


  1. Femi Set


This is a top and bottom set made of 100% natural cotton linen. Not too open, not too trapped either. You could wear this delicately strapped piece for formal gatherings such as dinner at a nice restaurant.


      2.Ava High Waisted Pants

The high waisted details compliments your waist, making it chic without showing too much skin. You could pair this versatile pants with any top ever – it follows whatever genre you pick it up for.


       3.Alba Top

Last but not least, we have this reserved look for parties or trips. It might look too overwhelming – what, with the square cut and all – but the soft, breathable fabric helps you pull off a mature look effortlessly.

 We know from the first look that you’re a sustainable fashion warrior, and we hope you’d find your tune to put out the best of yourself in every family occasion. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mail to get 15% off your first purchase. See you!

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