International Family Day: Sending Fashionable Gifts

We oftentimes do not value our family as much as we should. This is because we spend so much time with them and have grown accustomed to it that we fail to appreciate anything they do for us. Family day portrays the aim of celebrating the good and bad with the people in your life; it gives you a chance to give back. Of course, everything starts and comes back to your one and only, home.

It's difficult to find the perfect gift for someone who will actually, truly appreciate it. Specifically, finding an item that would bring the entire family together can be difficult. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The best gifts for your family are ones that could help you celebrate it with them in meaningful ways. Alas, what’s better than matching sets that make the women in your family look like Greek goddesses?

On that note, here are three of our sustainable pieces that will surely radiate great energy and make your entire family day even worthwhile!

  1. Rumi Set


When it comes to neutrals that you can wear anyplace, a set is essential – since you can wear it individually, giving you additional alternatives. This ruffled shirt and skirt set is classic enough to be worn for years, with it giving off a timeless, alluring vibe.


      2. Alba Pants


This is a sensible pair of pants that could be your go-to with minimal effort. Additionally, the entire Alba Set is made of TENCEL ™, which is a wood fibre material that will go back and decompose to Earth once thrown away. Think of it as a double bonus, eh? Pretty and ethical!


      3. Dita Crochet


Crochet tops are often made using ethically sourced thread and meticulous attention to detail. Our Dita Crochet Top is hand-woven by the locals in Bali, ensuring that the quality and culture pours into every inch of the product.


Our collection doesn’t end here. If you’d like to scroll for more options, go to our main website and click the product tab. We sell sustainable resort wear that will surely cool off your hot summer days. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for a $15 discount off your first purchase!