Knit Dresses–An Exceptional Dressing Rules In Fall

As we prepare for winter, warm clothing fabrics are starting to dominate every lookbook. Thicker knitwear is introduced back in stores, like sweaters, baggy knitted cardigans and outerwear, or one trendy piece–knit dresses.

Known for its other name, the sweater dress, knitted one piece is a versatile kind of dress and wearable to wear on any occasion. 2022 is actually the year of knitted garments. Knitted materials are even used in summers–such as colorful cropped cardigans, thinner knit skirts, and many more–as if summer heat doesn’t bother the enthusiasm for this knit craze.

Fall is the right season among the other ones to show off your knitted lookbook. More trendy knit looks are created to rock, and either classic or trendy, you can also rock this style with your own charisma! A few friendly tips for you on how to seek a way in stepping up your knitwear game even more:

1. Use belts

An oversized knit dress could necessarily confuse how to highlight your figure. But belts are made to end this kind of matter. A belt around your waist will accentuate your silhouette and prevent a baggy look, unless you’re choosing to go casual!

2. Color and textures matter

Staying beige keeps your cool but don’t bore your lookbook. Put on more vibrant ornaments to give more details to your look. Layer any outerwear on top of your dress, or just wrap a scarf with certain textures to adorn your knit look. Boots are fun, get more of them.

Now, comes the main question: what to wear with a knitted dress? These pieces might be inspirational to add to your closet!

Lara Vest, available in Black and White

Knit cardigans might be the main trend, but they can be a little overworn. Be different and make your own trend! Our sustainable material comes in the shape of a vest. This linen vest is available in two of the most neutral colors ever–making it even more versatile to wear on top of your knitted dress!

Kai Set in White and Brown

A warm set is what we need in the cold weather of fall. Two pieces all in one package? Yes! Our knit set still has the summer vibes lingering, but warm enough for the change of season. The knitted outer warms you up, and the knitted slip dress keeps you in style. This adorable set is perfect for any occasion.

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