Everlasting, Functional Summer Wardrobe Is A Timeless Trend

2022 is ending soon, and we have a few more seasons to get through before the heatwave of summer comes back and, fashion-wise, hits us with more dressing trends to keep up. Despite the expectations for new inspirations, especially from the runways, timeless fashion should not be off-season.

Summer has a lot of tendencies for us to follow. From maxi dresses, cutouts, mini skirts, and bikini-like tops, we’re all aware of how much summer fashion has influenced all of our dress sense. Linen is one of those timeless fabrics we can find through all seasons. From shorts, pleated pants, tops, and sets, this material gives a look that won’t sink from the surface of trends.

Featured: Ines Midi Dress

Dresses are truly an immortal basic piece that comes in so many shapes of clothes. Basic dresses are also what we all need to be in our wardrobe! Your denim and corduroy outer will definitely love them. A floral wrap dress, a versatile kind of dress, for example. This fresh look is apparently an unfading trend and is a wearable outfit to wear in any season. Wrap dresses are undyingly pairable with any outer pieces from any season–like fur coats in early winter and knitted cardigans in spring!

Featured: Gaia Shirt in White

Basic shirts are also must-haves because they fit almost every other pieces in your wardrobe. When fall comes to replace the summer heat, you can put them under your chic, elegant trench coat along with denim or linen pants. Plenty of neutral colors are good picks for your shirts, so you won’t have any issues trying to mix and match.

Featured: Kai Sweater in Beige

Breathable knitwear is also a never-changing trend. This outfit screams comfort and is an all-purpose in any event. Be it office hours, lunch and brunch, or casual dinner, knitwear absolutely has to be in your wardrobe. As long as your knitted fits come from the right material, you’re gonna be able to breathe just fine–especially in summer. On top of that, more layers can be put on to elevate your looks even more.

So, don’t worry that your summer pieces will be dusty in the very back of your wardrobe. If you have the pieces mentioned above, recycle them in the following seasons! From time to time, you don’t have to shop for bounded clothes that only suit a few occasions–this means saving money and supporting slow fashion more!

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