Now That Offices Are Opening Up, Here Are Some Versatile, Pretty Fits

Wearing the same jeans everyday creates another level of boredom. It is possible that not the outfits are at fault, but the way of using it. Versatility comes with a price, and the fad trends are not helping either. Also, which working person has the time to struggle around the closet, finding an immaculate outfit just for the day? Most of us certainly don’t have enough time.

Those who have been working from home since last year are now faced with the very real potential of commuting yet again, along with the expectation that they will need to dress professionally. Because of that, you may and should project professionalism and demonstrate that you fit in with your workplace by how you dress for work. It's crucial to dress professionally if you work in an office and want to feel confident and at ease.

Now, the time has come for us to present some of our newest and most popular products this summer to last you a lifetime of sustainably mix-and-matching!


Lara Vest in White

Vests are never out of style. Check out this minimalist, pure piece that also comes in Black! You shouldn’t worry about not feeling a professional vibe from your outfit; just add this on! 


Kai Sweater

Knits, knits, knits! When the weather gets cold, this material will surely save you from the windy chill. Plus, it is stylish and can be paired with anything. Dress, suit, you name it.


Caro Knit Pants in Brown

 Yes, we understand that most of you will have a hard time adjusting to sensible pants. This knitted pants will save you through its business casual yet comfortable look.


Anyway, it’s the 1st of July! Happy Canada Day to our Canadian sustainable warriors, and be prepared for an awesome 4th of July to our American sustainable enthusiasts! In order to honour these days, we would like to share with you this great news: From July 1 up to July 8, we’re going to be holding a free shipping promo for all our products. Grab your pick, the clock is ticking!

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