Look Pretty From Within: Start Loving Yourself Through Sustainability

Hi, sustainable enthusiasts!

We recently read a blog post from The Evergreen Whale, and it went something like this: “You see, capitalism takes advantage of the fact that most of us are insecure about something. It knows that so many of us base our self-worth on external values. So many of us seem to always be “missing something”, and don’t feel like we’re enough. Not healthy enough, not slim enough, not attractive enough, not fun enough, and more. There is so much pressure to do and own certain things.”

This is the whole social media world in one paragraph. Millennials and younger can undoubtedly relate to the packed up world that is forced upon us. Thus, we are lured into consumerism by all the manufacturers that claim their goods would make up for the holes in our lives. It seems to have caught on, though, as a lot of movements have begun to take place in creating a simpler environment for us to live in; it has been rapidly developing.

Yes, the idea of change can be scary regardless of its motive. Just like how we’re terrified of the planet’s climate changing drastically, we could also be taken aback by the demand of ethical living so suddenly after. We're individualistic beings who are having a hard time learning how to look after ourselves, let alone the environment. Then again, as we become more self-aware, we also become more conscious of our influence.


The first step toward bettering our planet's health is to live better, and that’s why sustainability is synonymous with self-love!

Both what we consume and what we discard have an impact on the environment. It is naturally difficult for anyone to eliminate all of the rubbish they produce, but we can work toward a waste-free lifestyle while also improving our diets because, in most cases, what's good for us is also good for the environment. It will be a lot lighter when thinking that the baby steps you and a dozen of other families take compiled could save a living.

This summer, challenge yourself to use less energy and spend more time in nature as part of your self-love regimen. Try scheduling times when you won't use the electricity in your home, unplugging unnecessary devices, and turning off the lights during the day. Even though it's a small effort, no-energy techniques have a significant negative environmental impact.

The environment, economy, and society are the three pillars of sustainability. You will experience a different type of happiness when you decide to live in accordance with nature!

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