Our Sustainable Fashion Terms To Help You Step Into This Movement

The fashion industry's practice of sustaining the healthy lives of the people who produce our garments through decent pay, safe working conditions, and maker well-being is a concept most people aspire to go by. Remake defines sustainable fashion holistically by looking at both the planetary and human impact.

Fashion must set an example and use its capacity to tell engaging stories to increase the impact of people's courageous efforts to address the climate catastrophe. In these chaotic times, we must first consider what kind of fashion the future will require. Should it be continuous? Why so? How to make it not repetitive? Try to answer these questions according to the field-based research.

Sadly, there is too much information that’s been tamed or misfitted in order to benefit a party’s definition of what sustainability should look like. This leaves so much misconception and straight up greenwashing when in reality, it is not that hard. Loving your planet shouldn’t be difficult, because you can start literally from anywhere. Not even creating, just by buying smarter.


Here are some of the main vocab in sustainable fashion, and we’ve provided you an example to go with it to help you understand our values!


Ethical Fashion - Emphasises on the social effects of the fashion business, due to it meaning ‘morally right’. For example, campaigning on reforestation like our collaboration program with LindungiHutan, a non profit organisation specialising in planting trees for a better planet.

Biodegradable – A product can degrade organically without harming the environment or discharging dangerous chemicals. This can be seen through our effort in collaborating with TENCELTM for a material that is decomposable, thus fulfilling our aim for eco-friendliness.


Minimalism – Reducing the amount of stuff that you own. It’s not about having nothing; it’s about having less. Our fashion line consists of carefully thought products to minimise differentiation and give you unique options to consider, adding onto its durability.

Craftsmanship – Fabrics and accessories developed with traditional artisanal techniques that preserve local know-how and heritage and their transmission across generations. With our crochets directly made by crafters from Bali, we ensure the best cultural representation.

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