A Movement For A Better Future: PRLA Gives Back

Our planet–the precious Earth–is at stake. It has been our responsibility to protect and care for our dear home, but currently, not everyone agrees with that. Fast fashion is live evidence of how the fashion industry clashes against this positive movement. Mostly, it’s mass production that harms nature. Garments with fabrics that take hundreds of years to biodegrade, waterway pollution, and many more are causing more damage to our environment. Of course, this sad news is shattering our hearts.

The truth is saving nature means saving our future lives! Everything on earth works together to create a sustainable life. Interconnected chains of plants and animals hold our world together. And who is there to protect them all? It is none other than us! So it’s safe to say that destroying the lives of nature means killing our world slowly. But our offsprings deserve to enjoy a better environment. It’s not a heroic move to do all this–it is our duty.

That is why we have to make or support a revolution. We all know that small things make a big impact. Here are plenty of little things you can do to brace an eco-conscious lifestyle:

  1. Using reusable items.

  1. Minimalize water usage to prevent wastewater end up in the ocean.

  1. Educate people around you to practice an eco-lifestyle as well.

  1. Plant a tree as a new hobby or interest.

Choose to go green. By being more eco-conscious, you are encouraging other people as well. You don’t have to be world-famous to influence people. Show off your eco-friendly items and inspire others to put the movement into practice as well. As an ethical brand, our clothing is made from degradable fabrics and away from mass production that harms nature.

Maximizing our support for this significant movement, this month we are collaborating with LindungiHutan (protect the forest) by donating mangrove trees to plant in a conservative location in Benoa Bay, Bali. Our buyers are invited to join the movement as well! Every purchase of our ethical and sustainable products means donating two trees to plant. Why bother getting poor-quality, fast fashion items when you can shop and donate at the same time? So don’t hold back and check out your cart now!

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