Playdate Outfits With Kids: You Rock, Mommy!

Playdates come in convenient over the summer since they encourage kids to play outside and provide mothers time to mingle with other parents. Especially this August, the semester has just started and you have so much listed to make your kid’s socialisation plan worthwhile.

You probably already know a few busy mom clothes depending on how old your kids are. For all the fall days we won't be leaving the house, as well as the casual days of doing errands and picking up your kids, the majority of people always rely on leggings, sweatshirts, toasty sweaters, and jeans with some stretch.

Good mom clothes are a necessity, regardless of how old your children are. Although we constantly prioritise comfort, style isn't sacrificed in the process! It's definitely doable to combine the two. That’s why, we're providing some advice for your mom's closet, as well as some clothing suggestions, to help you nail down your next play date.


Cara Top

When we look at the simplicity of this top, not sure why but we instantly get reminded of mom vibes. Maybe it’s the colour, or maybe it’s the flowy design that gives you freedom in breastfeeding. All in one, Cara Top is ‘the’ top.

Femi Set

For the days when you’d like to feel more put together and stylish, take a look at our Femi Set. It is made up of a top, skirt, and vest. You have your flaunt medium as well as enough coverage. Plus, it’s made of a super cool cotton-linen material!


Caro Knit Pants in Brown 

As moms, the perfect pants are a must-have. Our Caro Knit Pants are made of cotton yarn, providing you the utmost warmth and comfort. Not to mention that it can totally stretch away, so you needn’t worry about looking for a fitted size each time your body differs.

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