PRLA: Efforts To Maintain Fashion Minimalism

The growing trend in the fashion industry doesn’t seem to end. Starting from designs up to brand values, the options are endless. Sustainability, a concept that our brand applies upon operation, is one of it. Producing clothes that will last almost forever and decompose into nature upon throwing; this process takes a huge effort and deal. Almost everything connects into a graph that spells minimalism among fashionistas.

Minimalism is about stripping back the unnecessary, leaving only the things that provide you with real value and joy. It isn't a trend, but a philosophical constant throughout the decades until today. This narrative has been around for so long and we’ve been searching in the wrong places. Every effort counts, but one of the biggest problems is how the list goes on in this fast-paced world and we need to recognise the facts.

It’s not just fashion that’s gotten out of hand. The ills of fast fashion really just mirror the global thirst for more stuff at cheaper and cheaper prices. Fast fashion has caused various environmental problems, ranging from water pollution due to the use of cheap, toxic dyes, piles of textile waste, to the use of fossil fuel-based materials. This too brings a problem with unfair wages, as production in bulk lessens the exclusivity of materials.

An important fact to note is that minimal doesn’t mean boring. There are tons of matters to make something slow, like materials, labor, and design. It just tells you the answer to less stress is less stuff. Rather than stripping away an entirety of complicatedness, you are encouraged to choose more wisely. For example, a few ethical brands like ourselves have made quite a few modern-looking clothes purely by natural cotton linens. Thus, the cycle keeps going on despite fast trends.

To conclude, here are some of the efforts you could do yourself to dive into minimalism and save the planet:

  1. Shopping less. This tip is basically a given. It is better to buy two quality items rather than seven basic ones. This will also help you to discover your own style due to lesser options.
  2.  Upcycling. Recycling is a good enough concept, but some people are trying out the new version, upcycling. Transform your old clothes to fit into a new style or alteration.
  3. Research. Prevention is better than cure, so make yourself informed with the latest, most environmentally-driven minimalist brands and educate yourself through their movements.