The Black And White Breeze You Will Need For The Summer

Even if you're less inclined to bask in the sun's rays, there's no denying the outfit possibilities that warm weather affords. It is the most wonderful time of the year! Now, have you ever heard that white is the colour of summer? No? Well, let us walk you through it.

There’s a popular concept that white reflects heat, thus leaving you cooler in the summer. Quite surprisingly, this isn’t actually how it works. Your own body emits heat during the summer months, and white fabric just reflects it right back at your skin. If you want to stay cool during summer months, the colour black actually sucks up more heat from you.

Theories after theories. Who has time to actually research what’s right when there’s just subjectivity? It’s pineapple on pizza all over again. So, today, we are going to recommend you black and white outfits and let you pick your own side!

Lara Vest in Black


Our first fighter is Lara Vest. A clean, compact vest that could pull your whole look together even on top of tees. It is the ultimate summer wear for a more formal approach. With it being semi-transparent, the golden buttons up front complements the whole vibe really well.

Bastina Crop Top in Black


Utility and sensibility plays the main factor of consideration in buying an outfit, and the multifunctional Bastina Crop Top breaks the process. In one look, you fall in love. Again with the puffiness and added straps on top adds a hint of elegance.

Dalila Top in White


Next in line would be the Dalila Top. It is an off-shoulder top with ruffles and straps for details. Puffy shirts are back in business, so you should consider this top as your go-to white for the summer. Go ahead and use it as a fancier version of a bikini.

Gaia Shirt in White



Last but not least, the good old Gaia Shirt. Who says that simple can’t look stunning? The flexibility of a boxy shirt is immaculately wide. You could treat it as a normal top, outer, or even work your way to creativity by transforming it into a mini skirt.


Possibilities are endless, whether you’d like to pick black or white. The main point is that summer is approaching very quickly, so you need to prepare for new days at the beach – under the sun.

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