Resort Wears Are Timeless Beauties

There are certain clothing items that make you feel the breeze up your skin, taste fresh sea water, and miss something you never touched. Those fabrics that could light up even the darkest rooms and connect with your soul through the memory it contains. They transport you into another realm and era; as what every beauty should do.

Most of us are taking a break because of the pandemic, and it has created a sense that vacations are out of reach. Fashion enthusiasts all over the world, as quoted from Vogue India, took this chance and went on a road trip – which might be a huge inspiration toward a time capsule that is resort attire.

The popularity of resort wear has been a skyrocketing extravagance these past few years. From celebrities up to regular café customers, it gives off the feeling of escapism. They are labelled as a year-long outfit that anyone could pull off with the right system. Sometimes called cruise wear, it is an international spectacle because it overlaps any middle seasons and has a grip on its own trendsetting days.

With its down-to-earth scheme, resort wear perfectly fits the sustainable fashion kingdom. How nostalgia could bring us back to places, we’d wish time turns back and magically relive the innocent childhood memory; one that was so warm and full of nature. It seems to be the ‘perfect’ anecdote to push change with. The damage that the universe had put up with inspires garment creators to apply consciousness in a paradise full of patterns.

Why do we choose resort wear out of a ton of fashion genres? Because it’s a fragment of attitude, much more than a chic and fashionable find. This fact does more than just acting as a filler for season breaks. It connects cultures and appropriation in the right amount. Take an example from the infamous Batik, the proud epitome of art from Indonesia. Applying strokes inspired from it, people from around the world could experience the magic through a more approachable fit.

Truthfully speaking, trends that survive up to this date have one thing in common – comfort. It is the only thing that matters for some people, and resort wear provides those. By consisting of not only swimwear but relaxed dresses, tops, pants, and so much more to come if enough chance is given. Mostly utilising cotton and linen, a guaranteed cosy line it would be. 

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