Roman Goddesses As Modern Day Sustainable Fashionistas

The Roman Empire was largely a polytheistic civilization, in which people acknowledged and worshiped several gods and goddesses. The National Geographics states that artifacts from the ancient civilisation, as well as the art that pays homage to them, still bear remnants of the Roman gods and goddesses. 

We are sure that you remember our past articles discussing what outfits each Greek Goddesses should wear. Now, welcoming our brand new product line-ups, we would like to show you what the Roman version of those goddesses would dress like in this modern society.


Diana, Goddess of Hunt


Diana, the Roman form of Artemis, holds a lot more responsibilities than hunting. She is the protector of women, wilderness, and a great archer. Some people believe that she rides the chariot that people assume is the moon. Her aura is so humble, yet deeply passionate.

We picture her wearing the Kai Sweater while lounging around in nature, being one with the trees. The easily-approachable yet intimidating style leaves you breathless.


Bellona, Goddess of War

You know what? Bellona is THE girl boss. She handles warfare in the woman form, way better than Ares does (Sorry, Ares). But, as we all know, the Roman empire is distinctly remembered for its discipline and warfare, and you should give a lot of the credit to Bellona herself.


She is the type that wears the Gemma Jumpsuit with a sword ready to go behind her back. The straightforwardness of this piece brings out the hero in her. 


Venus, Goddess of Beauty

You might remember her by her Greek name, Aphrodite. She is the goddess of beauty and love, and she was born right from the sea. Perhaps that’s why we connect exquisiteness to the sea so often. She’s also quite a character, presenting the beauty of feelings (which is a huge power) so serenely.


Her aura fits the Dani Set so well. With a ruched top and overall flowy design, the essence of beauty in simplicity can be captured.


Fortuna, Goddess of Luck

One of our favorite goddesses of all time! When we ask for luck, she listens. She is a bearer of prosperity, fertility, harvest, all the most important things for a good life. Her general nature blesses fate, and balances out the nature of chances to even out luck.


We see her in a fit like the Cara Top. It just seems so balanced, ruched on top and completed with a flowy design like her nature itself.


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