Timeless Styles From The 1970s To Bring Back

You probably think of bell bottoms and fitted shirts when you think of 1970s fashion. That was a hot style throughout the decade, but there was a whole lot more to '70s fashion than that. Hippies, disco queens, rockers, punks, and retro nerds defined the 1970s, which were beautifully captured through statements like flares and disco ornaments. It was to the extent that Vogue stated, ““There are no rules in the fashion game now.”

There's a reason why the 1970s remain one of the most fashionable decades of all time. Fashion was so diverse and experimental at the time. The era gave birth to an eclectic mix of style influences. Skirts became shorter, boots became taller, and a variety of style icons contributed to some of the most memorable fashion moments of the era.

We have combined several of our sustainable products that match the retro scheme you were all longing for! Check this list out:


Halt fit

In a light, pleated design with an ever sexy design. Matching today’s generation, we have made an evening wear in the form of a high slit dress, in which you can render the memories of 1972 called the Gala Dress!



Polished look

Harpers Bazaar agrees that Jean Shrimpton proves that the classic style formula of a solid-coloured button-up and tailored pants is always a good look. The Adel Top in White and Lara Knit Pants in White form a perfect combination to achieve the look.



Sweater dress

After denim jackets and sweater vests, The Vou concluded that knit dresses were the preferred alternative to the more formal styles with a slightly more muted look. We present to you our Kai Set, featuring the color White and Brown.



Plaid pants

They were actually quite an item for both men and women, and pretty ubiquitous in the early seventies. The fitted, yet free look gives off a melodramatic-day-at-the-beach vibe. The Pleated Pants in Beige provides a detailed picture.



Bell jumpsuits

Now, to the one and only ace of the 1970s. Bell bottoms! You can literally find these baggy-on-bottom pants anywhere in the old pictures. It was a hit like jumpsuits, too. So, we combined both. The Gemma Jumpsuit will never get old.


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