Sustainable Fashion Inspiration From Popular Shows: The Glory Edition

The art of dressing up is all about inspiration. Oftentimes, we find ourselves inside fashion stigmas through movies, shows, and even as significant as radios. You're not alone if you've ever wished you could enter the office wearing a daring outfit straight out of Emily in Paris or spend the day dressed to the nines in a Bridgerton gown. According to a recent study by the international fashion brand Boohoo, linked through She Does The City, these are few of the most influential movements through the tracking of Google search.

A soaring drama has been revealing itself with the title: ‘The Glory’. Proven its worth to be one of the best Korean thrillers, the plot of revenge starts from a former victim of school violence who sets out to seek vengeance on her tormentors. Not only does it hit the peak with the story line, many people are attracted by the expensive charms that lie in the outfit scheme. One of the main characters especially, Park Yeonjin, sets the standards with mostly white, formal dresses.

We are here to show you how sustainable and ethical fashion can also be trendy! Here are a few of the most natural fits for you to dive into the euphoria of The Glory!

Moon Dongeun and her black fits


Featured: Gemma Jumpsuit 

Iconically remembered through her head-to-toe dark-coloured outfits, many people take notes over this seemingly reachable fashion concept. You can, too!

Yeonjin’s white dress

Featured: Dani Set

In episode 3, Yeonjin displayed an enviably beautiful ensemble, which she accessorized with a chic Rockstud spike small leather shoulder bag.

Hyejeong and her iconic selca

Featured: Gala Dress

A puffy white dress never fails, and that’s a fact! Known ever since the 1900s to be one of the most fashionable items, the way it flatters Hyejeong’s character shows a hidden pureness.

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