The Elegant Midi Dress: Your Instagram-Worthy Style Guide

Effortlessly feminine, effortlessly elegant. There is something special about dresses in the case of how it makes you feel. The concept of comfort typically lies in pants and such, but the soaring popularity of dresses have made it even easier for people not to worry about pairing their look and be good to go with a piece of clothing! One of the most popular forms of dresses nowadays is the ultimate Midi Dress.

Midi dresses are ideal for emphasizing and creating an illusion of longer legs because they typically fall between just above the ankles and just below the knee. Unlike maxi dress being an essential in weddings and beach trips, midi speaks timeless. Fashion maps from the 80s up to most of the popular Instagram-worthy poses highlight lengthiness nowadays; as flow is the new aesthetic. Now, the way you wear your summer midi dress also plays a huge role in looking presentable for pictures.

Accessories? Belts? Styling your midi dress has never been easier with things you can find at home for a bombastic Instagram post!


Featured: Kai Set in White

Layering accessories

Find several necklaces and rings made of the same material in a range of lengths or width and pendant styles. Layering can be done with both long and short necklace, dainty or hoop earrings, and even different colored rings! In fact, really, the rules are up to you. A fact to remember is that it’s better to layer on top of a fairly plain dress for the maximum photo focus.

Footwear options

There is much more to shoes than what is initially apparent. From the basic heels up to wedges, learning the difference and relevance might help you in staying relevant with your dress code. We have seen a lot of twists like sneakers, and frankly speaking, they look really good! For non-formal, outdoor occasions, nothing screams perfect like a good pair of white kicks.

Hair and makeup

Do not overthink the styling options too much as the main focus in an Instagram post would be your presentable-ness through hairdo and makeup. Rather than going for a normal straight hair, try integrating braids and cute pins you can find anywhere online! Take inspiration from K-Pop idols and Douyin for a youthful makeup look and you’re good to go!

Featured: Ines Midi Dress 

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