Tally Your Buy Rate! Is It Necessary, Or Should You Be More Ethical?

That item of clothing you had to have is still hanging in your closet, with the sales tag still attached. Despite this, you've never worn either of them. Does this sound familiar?

There's a significant amount of discussion about how much money we're willing to spend as things begin to return to normal. While the odd new habit may not make a significant dent in your funds, if you are on the verge of a bottomless pit called treating yourself too much, you may need to take a step back and review your shopping plan.

Look, there is nothing wrong about making yourself a happy purchase once in a while. But, some things are to be considered. We’ve noticed how some people tend to overspend the time they step outside of the house – particularly in scenes like college and our beloved office. Sure, it’s been so long, and yet it doesn’t mean that we should forget our duties as sustainable fighters, right?

In this special occasion, we would like to walk you through a few ways in noticing your spending pattern to help yourself be more mindful in the fashion area. Interesting enough? Keep on reading till the end for a surprise!

Fashion is significant because it represents our history and helps to explain the world's story. We often use it as a medium of expression to portray our mood on each day. It is indeed that versatile and unexpectedly deep, and that’s why we want you to choose what actually can be worn or altered. That is the first step: be conscious with your own preference.

After that, use this formula:
Outfit necessities: 5% of income, part of the necessity tally
Love yourself-fits: 5% of income, part of the personal spending tally

Notice how both are equally small but categorized to different tallies? This is due to the fact that the second one usually concludes the whole Fear Of Missing Out scheme. Focus on basics like t-shirts, jeans, dresses, hair ties, even socks – and use the remaining percentage to treat yourself to your fuzzy peacock shoes you absolutely don’t need.

Sustainability is an ever-growing progress. As an ethical brand, PRLA encourages you to find the best ever value from each item you purchase. Now, if you do, remember that budget still counts. For orders above $300 worthy dollars, you will automatically obtain free delivery. Solid deal, eh?

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