The Beach Is Your Catwalk: Sustainable Version

Without a question, beach days are incomparable. However, deciding what to wear when lounging on the sand might be challenging. Admittedly, a beach costume can be as simple as a swimsuit and sandals, but modern suggestions should cover a wide range of beach activities so you're not caught off guard when the mood strikes. Think on-trend swimwear from our favorite collections, fun accessories, and breezy dresses to wear as the sun sets.

Some people like to wear simple cover-ups like old t-shirts while off the water. The possibilities appear to be limited that way. There are a profusion of truly cute outfits that will look excellent with your swimsuit at the beach. Whether you’re trying out a new surfboard or simply chilling under the umbrella, your blissful agenda can be even prettier if accompanied by sustainable wear. Not just for a day, your beach attires could last you a lifetime of casual fits otherwise that way.

From light dresses up to your regular (but upgraded) shirts, here are some of our collections to accompany your sea and shore trips.



First off is the Rumi Set. Easy to wear, easy to alter, easy to separate. You could even trade your bikini top for this set and add on the skirt whenever you feel like it. Flowy, ruffly, it is the ultimate all-in-one package of a dressing!


This dress surely gives off wedding vibes, right!? In par with its name, you could slip the Lora Slip Dress right on! It provides perfect coverage for extra hot beach days while still leaving space for wind to come through.


It is common knowledge that pairing black bikinis is difficult. Thankfully, we have the Lara Vest in Black on sight. It is a fancy, yet casual vest that you could throw on to add more flavor to your look. Bonus: Shiny, golden buttons for coverage.


We are thrilled to welcome back the beach weekends. Find more outfits like these out of our summer collection and get a 15% discount for your first purchase!

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