A Test To See How Sustainable Your Wardrobe Is

According to Fashion Revolution, “If we want to see fashion become a force for good, we’re going to have to change the way we think about what we wear and why we wear it.  We need to love our clothes more. We need to look at them as precious heirlooms and as trusted friends.”

The quick industry of fashion is a problem most of us see with one eye, even though the global greenhouse emission produced by it says otherwise. The pandemic gave us more time to sit back, read, and think about our decisions – especially regarding sustainability. While the road to sustainability isn't simple in nature, it's now more important than ever to understand what constitutes truly sustainable and ethical fashion.


Now, how big of a role does the environment play in your fashion choices? Is your wardrobe eco-friendly yet? Find out by answering these questions and tally up your score towards the end!


Do you like second-hand/thrifted clothing?

  1. Yes, I thrift a lot!
  2. Sometimes.
  3. No, I like brand new stuff.

How often do you do your laundry?

  1. Once a week.
  2. Twice or thrice a week.
  3. Every day.

If one of your t-shirts is ruined, what do you do?

  1. Fix and stitch it.
  2. Turn it into a mop.
  3. Throw it out.

What do you carry your purchases with?

  1. A reusable bag.
  2. A shopping bag.
  3. A plastic bag.

If you don’t have an outfit for a party, where do you go?

  1. The mall.
  2. Thrift shops.
  3. A friend’s closet.


And, we’re done!

A – 3 points

B – 2 points

C – 1 point


Sum it all up, and if you get:

  • 12 or above, you’re a sustainable warrior!
  • 8 to 12, you’re a sustainable fighter!
  • 8 or below, you’re a sustainable enthusiast!


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