The Future Of Slow Fashion–Your Choice To Determine!

It’s an upsetting fact that modern fast fashion is giving a significant impact on the environment. Most fast fashion materials are difficult to recycle, producing more textile waste that takes up to hundreds of years to biodegrade. Another sad truth is there is no one to blame in this case, as consumers and producers both play a part in this matter.

That being the case, it becomes very important to raise awareness on how to turn our heads away from mass-produced clothing and support more ethical wear that offers eco-friendly fabrics. It actually starts with you! We completely understand that sometimes, finding places or brands that focus more on slow fashion would require quite an effort. But no need to worry as we’re here for you.

Now it’s time to heave a sigh of relief that more consumers, as well as brands, are expressing an interest in this movement. And we are no exception. We are manifesting in organic fabrics that aim for sustainability and ethical outcomes like linen, cotton yarn, and TENCEL™. This is what we believe: supporting slow fashion by being transparently open about our sustainable fabrics will set a trend that has its own perks for the world. For that reason, we are focusing on eco-conscious, stylish pieces that will last a lifetime.

What else do we do? As we take this matter very seriously, we’re doing everything we can to help maintain a good environment. We are honored to join the greening movement, by collaborating with LindungiHutan (protect the forest). The campaign is called ‘PRLA Gives Back’, meaning, with every purchase of our products, we will donate two mangrove trees.

Why mangrove trees? Just like how slow fashion works with nature protection, restoring mangrove trees means making, reviving, and maintaining nursery grounds as a productive ecosystem. This greening action is also giving local communities a chance to protect their natural resources.

We are giving our buyers a good opportunity to contribute just by a purchase. If you’re interested in joining this meaningful movement as well, check out your cart now and help us to donate two trees. Looking tremendously stunning in our ethical outfits while doing good deeds at the same time is definitely worth it!

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