The Iconic ‘Mean Girls’ Fashion Rules To Follow–So Fetch!

The Mean Girls era is beyond timeless. Their witty lines and dozens of quotes have always been the biggest throwback to all of our childhood and youth, from the 2000s.

Including their fashion trends as well, the hilarious and legendary teen movie has set a not-so-vintage trend that many follow. The most well-known part of the movie is the fashion selected as the main element. With their iconic fashion rules–from wearing track pants only on Fridays to never wearing tank tops two days in a row, the bad girls vibe out their trendsetting traits that everyone eagerly tried to follow.

We apply those fabulous rules to inspire you with these elegant, effortless look that echoes the famous adolescent look from the 2004 teen movie!

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping!” – Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

“On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!”

One of the most iconic rules of The Plastics–though most of them were never truly applied to the queen bee herself, Regina George. You can try out this girly pink look with our cute Thea Top. Follow how the girls execute their alluring side with this feminine-colored top made from an eco-conscious material, the TENCEL™ textile.

Casual Preppy Look

No more tank tops two days in a row! Regina George will look so gorgeous in our casual, elegant Adel Top! And we all can agree that this look also resonates pretty well with Gretchen’s sense of style. Try to recreate their preppy look with this stunning top. On top of that, getting this top means you have a timeless basic top that lasts forever–just like the popular teenage movie!

The Fabulous Revenge Outfit

Regina, on her way to destroy the new queen bee that stole her throne and their confused little followers after a secretive get-together at Cady’s house which somehow managed to transform into a big party, was more infuriated than ever. She proceeded to screw the whole school in a statement black sweater with an off-shoulder detail. Our Kai Sweater in Beige absolutely reminds you of this look, but more autumn-special!

‘Mean Girls’ has taught us a sad reality: worrying too much about appearances and our bodies and the fear of being judged by peers have become a culture that needs to be fixed. By wearing our ethical items, you have nothing to worry about looking great or so on. Because when they hug your body, everyone turns their heads to look at you–because you’re so fetch!

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