Decide Your Ethical Fashion Now–This Or That Edition

Choosing what's best for your wardrobe can be a tough challenge. The best suggestion for deciding the genuine concept of your attires is determining your purposes.

Ethical fashion is what we call a concept now–a good purpose of what you’re going to show off in your outfit. Surveys show that 85 percent of people have shifted towards a new purchase behavior by deciding to be more sustainable in the past few years! Choosing ethical fashion means you no longer support products that harm our precious nature.

Taking part in being more sustainable doesn’t eternally mean going out of style. These options below help you determine what looks good on you–in an ethical way:

The Ines Midi Dress or the Gala Dress?

One of the most wanted dresses in our collection, the Ines Midi Dress will have all eyes on you. The cut-out detail on the front is what we call a spotlight stealer. But humbling down on a casual occasion works out with this dress too!

Equal to its name, the Gala Dress will make tables turn for you. As if you’re stepping into the famous Met Gala red carpet, ready to wave and smile. The backless and the cut-out detail serve the look you deserve to catch attention. This dress is 100 percent a ten out of ten.

All-black neutral outfit look: The Ava Top & Pants or the Gemma Jumpsuit?

A perfect one true pair: the Ava Crop Top and Ava Highwaisted pants. This pair is suitable for any season, as it comes in the most neutral, simple, yet powerful color ever, black. They scream chic and effortless.

The Gemma Jumpsuit is the answer to your wishes for sets. This chic linen jumpsuit is made to make you feel yourself–key to your confidence.

Skirt Vs. Pants: The Thea Top & Skirt or the Alba Top & Pants?

Our Thea Top and Skirt help you in showing your feminine side. This cute pair will make jaws drop upon your presence. Made from TENCEL™️, this top and skirt are completely an ethical option.

The Alba Top and Pants are also a must-have for lounging. Also made from TENCEL™️, this chic and casual pair bring you maximal comfort under the heatwave.