PRLA: The Importance Of Sustainable Fashion

"Fashion choice should be a conscious decision, and being ethical is ours."

Climate changes, poor living environment; the planet emits more exhaustion day by day. It is no longer a secret that we, as the responsible party, are trying so hard to make huge conversions. What we fail to notice is that in our daily life, things that might seem petite are actually ones that carry huge effects. Not only does it pollute the greatness of Mother Gaia, it aches the social circle; where purchasing more is considered ‘in-style’.


According to The Vou, sustainable fashion is an all-inclusive term describing products, processes, activities, and actors aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral fashion industry, built on equality, social justice, animal welfare, and ecological integrity. A whole bunch of brands have been trying to make amends with the fast-paced industry by trying to make clothes full of loyalty and ethics. This concept concerns more than just addressing textiles. With every different step a single human takes, huge percentages of waste could be reduced. Imagine the impact if those same steps are taken by companies. Think of it as metal straws or paper bags. If we could do the same thing with our attires, think of how much we could preserve.

Consisting of resort, beach, and linen wear; the products that PRLA offer surely goes in with almost every season. We make sure that we match the high environmental and transparency standards. Trust and service are important qualities, and we provide those in a hope to achieve satisfaction while still contributing for the safety of our land. While different sorts of responsibilities come with these high measures, it is our goal to provide long-lasting pieces with the hope of emerging benevolence. Being eco-conscious is not a burden, it’s a hope that humanity has put onto us.


Our fashion brand utilizes the best eco-friendly textile material to put our cause into action. TENCEL™ textiles are produced from sustainably sourced wood and are processed responsibly towards the environment. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature. Our aim is to go 100% sustainable – though it’s not an easy process, we put consideration towards every decision. From the process up to the packaging, this empire that we aim to support leads us to a more awakened choice.

PRLA is inspired by the people along with their craftsmanship that is endless and everlasting. Ensuring that the values go all the way to a single thread, we manage to cultivate a tight bond with our production teams. As a changemaking step-taker, little things that affect workers the most; compromise is not an option, alteration is. Every penny made is carefully put into a fair waging system in order to provide better over good in as many aspects that we could reach.

Being one with nature, imagining crystal clear skies; all of which we could achieve by spending less, and treasuring more. Timeless beauty is not a mission, it’s a fact to preserve. We encourage people to be more considerate of the environment by giving a choice, not limiting. After all, living sustainably is all about buying something that lasts, something that is not caught up by any trend models.

We hope that our buyers could find their dream outfit to wear, and re-wear.

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