Dressing For 2022: Outfit Recommendations That’ll Last You A Lifetime

Another year, another journey. We’re guessing that most of you have already made an extensive list of resolutions. What might those be? Getting a new hobby, exercise daily, perhaps? Let us add a new phrase: to be happy by making a change. Finding yourself might be difficult amidst worldly pressures. What some people fail to realize is that a sense of accomplishment can be acquired anywhere.

Every new year symbolizes change at its finest. It represents an alarm, ringing for a fresh start. Appreciation comes a long way, and a way to do so is by acknowledging the finest sort of art; fashion. The surprisingly quiet markets are the ones that provide exceptional acts of saving and refining.

By that being said, here are our personal choices for eco-friendly, yet exquisite outfits that would last you a lifetime.

  1.       Rumi Set

If paradise were on earth, then  this set is a one-way ticket to make yourself feel like a Greek Goddess. The skirt dropping effortlessly, and the top full of texture, even the mirror would squeal in awe. Made with 100% natural linen, the cooling sensation if worn on windy days would be the only reason to show the worth of sustainable shopping.

  1.    Bastina Crop Top

Made in a safe and ethical environment, it is shocking as to how modern a cropped top would look. The story behind it, of how much care every thread contains, makes the look complete. This is an outfit you could wear to a party, a meeting paired with blazers, or even a fun day at the beach. (And it’s made out of cotton linen, too.)

  1.       Lara Vest


Opting out for a formal, trustworthy look, the Lara Vest makes anything look put together. The sleeveless box cut detail brings out your inner girl-boss. Underneath, pair it with a t-shirt, crop top – or even nothing! All in all, the most flattering tops are the one that makes you comfortable.


Some outfits just wouldn’t go out of style. Though 2022 did not get off of a good start with the pandemic still hovering above us, there is never a wrong time to make yourself feel beautiful.