The Month Of August Means Vacation Time!

If there was ever a month to take a trip to the seaside, this is it. Take advantage of the beautiful days of August while it lasts. Even in the South of France, one can find sanctuary in a few heavenly secret places despite the fact that Europe is crowded. Festivals are also attracting a large sum of people from Wiltshire to Papua New Guinea, according to CNTraveler.

The basic objective of travelling is to enjoy some sun without having to face the sweltering heat or even any shocking breeze, knowing that August is a transitional-weather month. Speaking of destinations, the first thing you should remember is find out how the weather will be. If it is in regions like Europe or Asia, you must be prepared with thousands of possibilities.

Certainly, there is always a way to travel more sustainably, no matter how crowded or unsure your location may be. One of it is to mind what you wear that can last you a lot of use , style or durability-wise! Here are a few of our travel fit preferences as well as recommendations that go with it.

Women frequently wear light dresses and skirts during the warmer weeks, combined with sandals or heels for footwear. When travelling, dress in loose, comfortable attire that you can layer for chilly weather. For example: Maya Tied Midi Skirt


The weather isn't constantly warm, so if you're accustomed to a higher temperature, you might think about bringing clothes for more warmth on your vacation. Put on a pair of sweaters on those chilly days, which you’ll get in a package through our Kai Set. 


Not every time should be spent looking like a local to fit in. It’s fine to be extravagant sometimes, like when you’re having a nice dinner while watching the skylight turn dark. Our Alba Top fits the formal beauty so well that you can wear it anytime you feel like it! 

Don’t forget to contribute to another factor, which is the environment. PRLA has made it so much easier for you that with a single check out, you’ll be donating two mangrove trees to a conservation land in Bali! What are you waiting for, warriors?

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