These Fits Come To Your Rescue When A Fashion Emergency Occurs

Life is full of unexpected accidents–like a warm coffee splashing onto your white flannel shirt, or a bright yellow curry spilling onto your skirt. No one wants such situations to occur, but we never know! So sparing some clothes could be necessary, and maybe save your life as well.

A fashion emergency can happen on any day of your life. It doesn’t always mean having food or drinks splattered on your clothes. Wardrobe malfunctions are also considered a fashion emergency. When your outfits don’t match the current world trend anymore, you’re having an emergency as well. Even worse, having a bad hair day or bad makeup also have the same meaning.

If you’re going through the same situation, don’t worry. You need a solution, and we are here to help. Carrying safety pins and clear nail polish around could be bothersome, and having a needle and thread to fix a button on a shirt robs our precious time. These basic ethical wear can be an absolute solution to replace any malfunctions in your outfit of the day!

  1. Lara Vest in Black


When a stain smears on your precious top, our Lara Vest in Black comes to your rescue. You don’t have to waste time removing the stain because this vest has two functions: covering the dirty spot and making you more stylish! It’s definitely a lifesaver when you have an important meeting coming up in an hour.



    2.Adel Top in White


This top is a must-have to keep in between your belongings. Especially on office days, its neutral colors will be a good replacement when you spilled coffee over your top. You don’t need to worry about having a mismatched outfit to laugh at!


    3.Kai Sweater in Beige


It becomes really hard to predict when the rain will fall. Sometimes, on a warm summer day, sudden raindrops falling can ruin your perfect day. Our Kai Sweater is a hero without a cape to save your precious day. No need to be afraid of catching a cold when this sweater brings you warmth and a pretty, cozy look.



    4.Pleated Pants in Beige

Easy to pair with any top you have on your body, these lifesaving pants can make your day even better. It prepares you for any sudden occasion for its purpose to bring either a casual, business casual or smart casual look.