These Outfits Are Made To No Waste–Facts You Should Know

The fashion world is no exception when it comes to maintaining a sustainable environment. Mass clothing production, in fact, has thrown away a lot of waste and affects the health of our nature. This is a thing that we want to avoid at all costs but in reality, fast fashion is in the way.

Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and acrylic take hundreds of years to biodegrade. You can contribute to a better future by supporting natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, and silk. Pure natural linen can start to decompose in just two weeks. Even better, linen is one of the toughest fabrics, meaning it will last for years. It means you can get both eco-friendly and sustainable clothing in one fabric!

We’re following the best solution to this issue, by practicing what is called zero-waste fashion in our brand. We make sure to produce less harm to the environment while at the same time providing your primary fashion needs. The zero-waste technique minimizes waste material by making simple but attractive clothing designs, and the quality turned out to have more value than clothing in general.

At the same time, we want to raise awareness of this issue and motivate people to be a part of it as well. These sustainable clothing will help you join the movement!

  1. Gemma Jumpsuit

What’s better than a jumpsuit to complete your whole day? The Gemma Jumpsuit features a cut-out detail around the waist. Both the top and maxi pants are made from linen.


      2.Alba Top

Our TENCEL ™ products also support zero-waste fashion, and this Alba Top is one of them. What’s better is that it has adjustable elastics at the waist. 


     3.Gaia Shirt

A cropped shirt on a casual beach day? An immediate yes! The Gaia Shirt is short-sleeved, a perfect cover-up from the sun on a hot summer day. The boxy cut volume of the sleeves will give you an exceptional look. This shirt is also available in white and beige.


   4.Lara Skirt 

Other than just looking for sustainable clothing, picking a product that raises your dress-up game will be a plus. Our Lara Skirt in White is the solution. Made with cotton linen, the skirt features adjustable buttons on the front and a high slit.


     5.Caro Knit Pants

While promoting natural fabrics, you also need to make sure that the product you’re buying is one hundred natural, untouched by synthetics. The Caro Knit Pants in Brown are made with 100% cotton yarns, adorned with drawstring details on the waist. Made from high-quality yarns, this pants features a stretchy waistband for day-to-night outfits.


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