Why Sustainable Fashion Matters: You Should Be A Part Of It

Due to the worsening environmental degradation, specialists from a variety of businesses are becoming more concerned about sustainability. As a result of consumers becoming more environmentally aware and searching for ways to maintain their sense of style without affecting the environment, the fashion industry is gradually developing.

Fast fashion, or clothing produced at a low cost to satisfy demand for the hottest new styles, is one of the major offenders in the fashion business. It, however, endangers the planet's future. That’s what pushes fashion produced by sustainable brands is made with the utmost consideration for both people and the environment, minimising its negative effects whenever possible. The ultimate objective is to create a system that functions while leaving no trace behind.

It reduces carbon footprint

According to Nara Soleigh, environmentally friendly manufacturers frequently utilise materials made from natural or recycled fibres that require little to no chemical processing, little to no water, little to no energy, and no fertilisers or pesticides to grow. The majority of organic materials, like TENCEL™️ (produced from sustainable wood pulp) and linen, hemp, and organic cotton, are even compostable.


It supports workers’ right

Although the fashion business generates billions of dollars in revenue each year, the 60 million people who work in it—with more than 90% of them being women—live in poverty. The amount we pay for a piece of clothing makes a smaller contribution than you might imagine. These employees have rights thanks to sustainable fashion, such as a good living wage, safer working conditions, and a lower chance of sexual assault.


It gives you freedom

Due to the wide variety of options available today, consumers have more opportunities to show their individuality, be creative, and create distinctive personal styles. Sustainable fashion businesses are recognized for their timeless, classic, and high-quality products. Many sustainable fashionistas admit to enjoying discovering clothing that accurately reflects their personal styles.


Last but not least, it is for the planet you live in. We in PRLA support positive development of equality in the world of fashion. The single choice you make today could result in years of healthy living for your children. Be an azΩgent of change – starting now!

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