These Sustainable Outfits Most Definitely Steal The Show

Now that we overcame the crucial waves of the pandemic, the social season is opening up for everyone to mingle at every party on the weekend. More fancy events to attend, and more ‘what to wear’ questions are back into the game. From being a little bit inattentive of what’d we wear to switching back into the dressing game, you have every right to be concerned.

It’s safe to say that your garments aren’t just accessories. As a matter of fact, the pieces you put on your body define your personality. You dress as if you speak about who you are! Adding to that, you may also want to appear more than just nice, to stand out in a crowd, and be easily noticeable. 

Wear something that hugs your body very well, a fit that compliments your shape, and make it entirely yours. Like Barbie, walk into the room as a fashion icon, not a fashion victim! Good news, these outfits help you steal the show without a doubt.


Don’t be shy to flaunt your craze for a good sense of style. Show everyone that you understood the assignment! Dress not only to impress but also to radiance the most appealing parts of your body. And these dresses are the chance card to brag about your frame! 

Imagine the Gala Dress hugging your body with the backless detail showing off your back figure, making heads turn around just for you. Emphasize your graceful presence on everyone as the long skirt dances with the wind. What a beautiful sight!

Our Ines Midi Dress is also an option. The cut-out detail on the front and the slits on the sides will absolutely attract attention as soon as you show up. 


To make the entire room your own catwalk, the key is, of course, confidence. And these sets are essential to boost your faith in yourself, fashion-wise. The Rumi Set is perfect for every occasion, casual or formal. The ruched tube top is easy to pair with any outer in your closet, altered according to what event you’ll be at, and still stealing the show.

“You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you.” The Stella Set is too cute to be true! Detailed with the delicate strap that goes over the neck, this set gives you a simple look with a hint of elegance combined with innocence. Also, it’s impossible to ignore how the long skirt provides a taller angle to show off your proportions.

PRLA Gives Back

This month, we are collaborating with LindungiHutan (protect the forest), to join a campaign created to support sustainable development by restoring mangroves trees at Benoa Bay, Bali. are you interested in joining the movement as well? Simply by purchasing one item, you are helping us to donate two mangroves trees. Check out your cart now!

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