Saving You A Trip From The Store By These Budget Shopping Tips

Hi, sustainable warriors!

You might be recognizing that your entire wardrobe needs a serious upgrade and that a shopping extravaganza is in order. The last several months certainly seem to have seen a significant change in fashion. Something that keeps us on track and less overwhelmed are promos. We find comfort in the fact that through a certain amount, you can contribute and get a lot more.

For example, at PRLA, every purchase you make counts as a new life for two mangrove trees. Yes, you heard that right. #PRLALindungiHutan is a campaign made in the aim of reaching the furthest chances in order to get a better tomorrow. But, don’t worry, as all of our ethical products are pocket-friendly!

We've compiled some of the greatest and cost-effective fashion ways that won't set you back as much as your monthly rent for one skirt to assist you in navigating this new world.


No Dry-Clean

An Associate Professor of Accounting at Bucknell University, Stacy Mastrolia, once said to avoid wearing garments that require dry cleaning, hand washing, or that are so distinctive that people will notice if you wear them repeatedly. If you are on a tight budget, invest in clothing that is appropriate for your job and lifestyle and reserve your creative flare for accessory pieces that can be changed seasonally to stay in trend and are typically less expensive as a whole.


Go Capsule

You can save a lot of money by using a capsule wardrobe because it has everything you need. A capsule wardrobe is…? In your closet, you have a few of each style of apparel. Everything you own is one you love and makes you feel joyful and smug. Ideally, each component complements the others so that you may mix and match them to make a variety of combinations.



Make a list of all the clothing you anticipate needing in a year and add an estimated price to each item. When you have a total, stick to it and don't go over it. When something is on sale, it's simple to purchase it despite your better judgment. Instead, purchase an apparel if you adore it and if it complements the rest of your collection.

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