Travel Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Life

It's difficult enough to pack for a trip with just one itinerary, but what if your plan calls for you to fly to Milan for business, then scurrying back to Hawaii for a wedding? Sure, you can cram your entire wardrobe into a few suitcases and spend extra to ship trunks across the world, or you can pack strategically and effectively like an expert.

Quoting from Travel and Leisure, Libby Page says that when packing, start by laying out your wardrobe foundations — shirts, t-shirts, denim, and wide-leg pants in neutral colours that will work with everything. Once the foundation is set, Page builds looks out depending on what occasions she's dressing for and what the temperature is looking like.


So, without any further ado, here are five of the most important tips you need to apply when packing for a travelling journey. Minimalist, chic – and most importantly, ethical.


Lay out your roadmap

Are you going to the beach? Will you be ice skating? Find out your main destinations as well as total days counted. Then, use our formula: 3 items per day for the first two days, 2 items per day for the next two days, and 1 item per day for the next three days. You’ve got yourself a variety of outfits for your week, and add no more after!


Point out basics

Like Page said, you should really put the basics into the top of your list. A shirt, a pair of paints, a dress, and a pair of boots. If you’ve got these figured out, then it will be easier to shrink your luggage and add extra condiments such as scarves and other accessories later on.



You probably have seen this tip literally everywhere, but think that it’s easier to type than actually do so. Well, we’ve got just the solution. When choosing an outfit, plant at least two visions of yourself wearing it several different times. That way, what once was worth a look can be altered up to three times.


Blend in

The main concern for some people when travelling is that they’d stand out too much and look like a tourist. This is valid, but the internet is here for a reason. Research the country’s culture and dress as comfortably as possible while also maintaining the traditions in that place. For example, you can wear bikinis in Bali; but opt for decent, covered clothing in India.

Happy travelling, ladies!

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