The Mall Is Your Playground, So Have Fun While Looking Good!

Good day, sustainable enthusiasts!

 Many countries, especially ours, have begun opening up public spaces such as the park or mall with the condition that we have had our three doses of vaccine. Surely, this is a quick step up from the past two years that everything is locked down and left out.

Going to the mall is not all about shopping – it is also feeling yourself with every step you take. Confidence is key, and where else should we go besides where everyone seeks for fashion? Another thing to remember is the aim that we bring. When you go shopping for clothes, you try on different outfits, but it is incredibly inconvenient when the clothes you are wearing are difficult to put on and take off.

By now, you must have realized that it can be difficult to choose a going-to-the-mall fit. That’s why, we compiled a series of outfits that are not only comfortable, but also worth a catwalk!


Two in one, always so pretty. Cut out details can never go wrong.

Featured: Roma Dress 

A strap just above the bust line creates a perfect balance off this crop top.

Featured: Bastina Crop Top 


A dress and an outer in one place? It certainly couldn’t get any better. 

Featured: Kai Set in White


Something you’d imagine a Greek Goddess would wear - simple and fragrant.

Featured: Rumi Set 

Which is your favorite? Don’t worry, because it doesn’t end here. Our collection is never empty, so go scroll and find the one for you!

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