Trendiest Sets to Save Up Your Luggage

Summer is here, and it's time to pack for a beach vacation. Time feels so slow as you grab one of your luggage and pull the zipper up. Finally, a time to feel the breeze, enjoy special dine-ins, and shop for cute souvenirs!

When it comes to packing, the only thing that might be tricky is how much you can pack your luggage. Especially when traveling alone, you have to make sure everything is there but compact and practical at the same time, because honestly, who wants to spend extra money on baggage fees anyway?

Your pick of clothes might be an obstacle to keeping your luggage light. You might want to plan the number of clothes you’re going to bring or else there’s gonna be some pair that ends up not being used. 

Here are a few tips on how to save some space in your bag:

  1. Pack only what you have to wear, the “must-have” not “just in case”
  2. Use a rather smaller bag
  3. Weight your luggage!
  4. Write a specific packing list
  5. Choose a simple color palette for a mix and match


       6.Avoid bringing too many jeans!

       7.Use packing cubes and organize your things

       8.Always bring travel-sized items!

       9.Ditch unnecessary things

Picking clothes might not be easy, but we have the answer to your concern. Sets should be your first choice in terms of light packaging! Besides being easy to mix and match, bringing an outfit set will save you time in choosing which tops and bottoms to wear and help you determine the number of pairs you bring. Without any further ado, let us present to you these adorable sets that bring no trouble to your vacation.

  1. Femi Set

Made of lightweight linen fabric, this set piece will be easy to pack. Its sleeveless ruched crop top mixes well with the A-line midi skirt, giving you a minimalist look without being too revealing at the same time.


     2.Stella Set

Still, with the delicate straps, this set piece gives you a different detail on the neck. The top that goes over the midi skirt is providing you comfort to walk around the entire day. This set will make everyone stare at you for sure.


       3.Rumi Set


If you’re not into straps, don’t worry. This set is gonna be your soulmate. The ruched tube crop top never loses as a game-changer. Also paired with a midi skirt, this set piece will be easy to mix and match, such as outer, accessories, or anything you have in mind!


      4.Dani Set

This set piece comes with a puffy sleeves cropped top, which levels up your outfit of the day. Don’t worry, the puffs are still easy to pack, because the linen fabric is lightweight! On top of that, you can pair the top with any other bottom you pack since it appears with a simple kind of color.


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