A Guide To Dress According To Your Body Type

This summer, we are faced with important choices regarding what outfits and which brand to buy it from. Because, although stunning, the feminine form may often be perplexing. Most women combine multiple body types to form a singular shape that defines them as a person. Confusion is increased by the fact that knowing your body type is necessary in order to outfit yourself for maximum flamboyance.

Do remember, the only reason you should be aware of your body type is so that you can decide which parts of your body to play up or which parts you find appealing. It is a tool that you can utilise to your own comfort! With that put out, we can categorise five types according to your bone structure (props to SMNYC): hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle, apple, and pear.



The upper and lower halves of this body shape are wide and about equal in size, while the centre is narrow in circumference, hence the name. You can work with your curves, highlighting your waist and bust for a sharper look.


Your proportions for shoulders, bust, and hips are all quite consistent. And rather than being voluptuous, your waist is straight. You should consider high-waisted bottoms and V-necks to bring out more statement.

Inverted Triangle

The characteristics of an inverted triangle body shape are shoulders that are wider than your hips and little to no waist definition, giving you a sporty look. Pleated pants and shift dresses are a saviour – they bring out volume around your hips.


You consider your arms and legs are your best features, and your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are all fairly uniform but rounder. You can bring out your best features by focusing on the top of your body, adding definitions and contrasts like accessories and square neck.


You have a distinct waist that is smaller than your hips and your bottom half is more curvy due to your arched shoulders. Wear darker colours on the bottom and focus on defining your arms through puffed sleeves and loose pants.


Knowing your true form is the majority of the battle; start styling for the most fashionable look once you've determined your distinctive body type. Find out your own and stroll through our catalogue because as much as we’re eco-friendly, we’re also difference-conscious!