What Each Greek Goddess Would Wear – Episode Two

Greek mythology is a topic of interest for many people. Books, movie adaptations, and a whole line of art form to keep it alive can be found. One of the greatest things about it is the garments. How thousands of years ago, something so simple could set an example for a trend so long-living.

Keeping our promise, here is a continuation to the first part. Buckle your chariot belts and let us fly through the beauty of these top notch goddesses!

  1. Aphrodite

Known as the goddess of love and beauty, her aura screams perfection. Picture your favourite sort of feature chiselled on a face, then multiply it by ten – and it still would be an underestimation over her alluring presence. The type of clothing she wears usually flashes confidence in the most simplistic way.


Though anything will look good on her, we’re going to give the honours to the Alba Top and Pants that will probably highlight her features the most.


      2. Athena

Strategy is an important aspect of a human’s life, and so the goddess Athena brings you wisdom, handcraft, and warfare. Feminism might be her aim of life, if you could call it that thousands of years ago. Her attires are usually inspired by authenticity and bravery which is an important fragment needed by a patron of cities.


Wisdom seeps through her skin like an owl seeking night, and our Gaia Shirt in White surely resembles her exclusivity

     3. Persephone


She is a dual deity. While also taking the form of flowery fields, meadows, and springtime; she has a different side as the Queen of Underworld. Persephone is unexpectedly strong and holds an important authority over how the world works. She was a direct successor of Demeter and Zeus, which makes her hard not to love.


To highlight her duality, the Ava Crop Top and High Waisted Pants does the work.


That concludes our Greek Goddess Fashion Series. Worry not, because soon enough we’ll be recollecting enough pieces of the past to show you how fashion and sustainability influences our lives since time could remember.

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