What Each Greek Goddesses Would Wear – Episode One

History never wanders far enough as it’s a huge aspect of what we have become. One of the greatest ways of reminiscing is through mythologies. A lot of countries have varying definitions as to how the world works, where everything came from and where it is supposed to wind up.

Today, let us take you to explore Greek goddesses as fashion icons in their time, and how we portray their identity through wardrobe choices that fit them the best!

  1. Hestia

Being the goddess of hearth and home, she was not as flashy as the other gods, not to mention her selfless deeds. That fact perfectly fits the concept of sustainability, as she is often illustrated wearing simple linen scarves and dresses with earthy colors, possibly holding the closest resemblance to her mother, Rhea.

Considered to be the most fitting is the Maya Tied Midi Skirt, as her innocence will sparkle most through a gorgeous lightweight piece.


She handles agriculture like a boss, and cares for the Earth’s welfare, being a descendant of it herself. She single-handedly sustains mankind by providing food and shelter through plants. Having a mixture of Hestia’s sweetness and Hera’s discipline, she is also the goddess of sacred law and the cycle of life.


We picture her wearing the Thea Top and Skirt (not to mention how TENCEL™ totally goes with her concept of being environmentally-friendly).


     3. Hera

She is associated with most aspects of woman. Hera holds a title for being the marriage and family goddess, and stayed loyal despite all the hardships and struggles. She is a strong, independent woman with tons of responsibilities – being the queen of the universe that she is. To be with her is to feel safe and sound.

Flashes of strength gleaming all over her calls for a fancy option like the Ines Midi Dress, which screams girl-boss.


Lovely as it sounds, the notion of connecting the new world to the past comes with massive responsibility. To honor the beauty of mythologies, let us try to save the universe by choosing mindful and ethical outfits to wear. Don’t fret, because there is a part two coming for you to enjoy!

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