What To Wear On A Date: Ethical Wear-Wise!

“Love calls for a challenge, and it obligates determination. But sometimes, all it takes is a simple notice to spread and share the warmth inside. Words pour out nimbly that way.”

After a dozen weeks of being locked up, the dating game has started to run its wheels again. We make the theme whatever we want it to be. Feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world in a date night is every fairy tale’s ending ever, so is looking bomb. The number one problem that could possibly get in between yet again would be choosing an outfit.

Slowing down your wardrobe means creating a balanced spectrum; curating an exhibition for your eyes to please. Sustainably speaking, it is only possible if you shop through your own collection first before getting tempted to shop for every upcoming big event. Again, not much sense should be applied so long as you have the basics and a few accessories to glam the look up.

Rediscovering your inner sparkle might take some time, and we definitely understand. Here are a few recommendations that are fool-proof for those of you striving!





Featured: Maya Tied Midi Skirt and Thea Skirt


Meadows are pictured through a great skirt. When you wear a perfect pair, a flare of innocence. The simple yet poignant elements that show through the two skirts shown on the picture above, for example. Tied strings and shrunken waistline, to name a few. We think that anyone who wears these would be ethically blessed!

Crop Tops


Featured: Kaio Top in Black and Imani Crochet Top


If your great idea of a date involves lunch in a café or even picnics, then a crop top could never go wrong. Puffy or bodycon, seeping through is a sense of amiableness and delicacy. The megatrend that is crop tops will never die, and rushes of design floods every day. Though fancy garments tend to be detailed and pricey, PRLA has an ethical and affordable choice.


In the end, what matters is the way your outfit and the one you’re with make you feel - a magical night is never off the table. Don’t forget to wear the best perfume you have and enjoy your time out. Be happy!

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