Turning Your Closet Into Art: Sustainable 101

Symbolism is a tricky concept, and so is art. Where do both meet without clashing? Fashion. An empire so big that experts still find new definitions every day; yet insignificance could be found in the application. Demand pours in as much as it gets out. If this fast-paced industry does not get stopped, what it could hurt can't be guessed anymore.

So, a notion that has been atrociously firing these past few years could be an outcome of hope. Living ethically generally pushes someone to be as minimal as possible, but not fully taking away the basic needs and the love of styling. Turning your wardrobe into a functioning facility has the same concept of how a machine would work. Starting isn't difficult, maintaining takes up most of the challenge.

Take it from someone whose entire wardrobe consists of a hundred different outfits and use only five pairs alternately in reality. Being an ordinary person, alternating must've always been a struggle. Combining the beauty of art to this process might just be the only solution, though actually executing the choice won't be as easy as it sounds.

Why should your closet be sustainable?

The answer lies in your decision. If your wardrobe is organised, then you'll be so too. Mindset is a powerful weapon, and by allocating it wisely you would discover new amenities and point-of-views. Plus, most ethical designer brands like PRLA create clothes with long-term utility in mind. Never going out of style should seal the deal.

Who will it affect, and how?

Every single living being on this planet will be thankful because of this tiny contribution. Mass waste would be reduced, more people could feel the same joy through donations, all because of it. To mention you as someone who'll receive the most out of it is the highlight. Not only will you be on board early to sustainability and immaculateness, you'll find peace in your heart by living as the Earth intended.

Now that we've covered most of the formality, pay attention to our tips below and start feeling the magic!

  1.   Discover your style

We know that there’s no harm in trying out new factors, but one that causes hoarding? Definitely got to stop. Take your time to figure out whether you’re a goth or girly type of dresser, and then it’s safe to move on.

  1.   Let your intuition work

When eliminating stuff from your wardrobe, be sure to make sense to yourself. Don’t be all, “I can wear this… maybe around summer 2050.” Keep the basics and let everything else take its place in a new home.

  1.   Sensible is number one

Buying new outfits sounds like a cute adventure, and it’s serious business in this case. Find a jacket that could be worn eight different ways, pants that go with anything, basically an all-rounder party. If finished, get to the next level.

  1.   Hold the thought

Remember your ulterior motive and don’t get away from your values for regular sprees. Organise your closet and living space altogether. If the will to change is kept high, then art will come to its life form in the way you dress.


While support is a gift, going zero-waste is a luxury. Your one action could help pave the way of saving the universe. May the journey of wearing and re-wearing open up numerous opportunities to regard greater things in the future.

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