What You Need For A Vacation (Fashion Tips Included!)

For the first time in literally years, we are finally ready to get back into the vacay business. In contrast to the lockdown last summer, this time around, taking your time for a break is the one thing you should do. With the pandemic starting to slow down, and the weather being more than ever beautiful, there’s no stopping your way!

Well, there is something. Packing. I’m sure that all of us are absolutely clueless and out of practice due to staying home for so long. It might seem easy to list out and advice your friends with, but applying it for your own sake is difficult. There’s always not enough room for your knick-knacks – or even too much space that keeps you wondering about what’s missing.

A short vacation doesn't require several bags if you plan your wardrobe carefully and bring mainly the essentials. Alas, you could leave room for cute finds in your destination! Here are a few tips that we’ve put together to ease your way into having the best vacation.

  1. Necessities

You should definitely prioritise the basics. Things like toiletries, medicines, and important documents are on top of the list. But then again, pack them up in an appropriate amount. You don’t need your 1 litre soap for three days' leave. Tip #1 would be to have travel-sized necessities or extra small containers to relieve some space.



Now, onto the next point. Tip #2 is to put everything into categories. Tops, bottoms, shoes – set up a ‘budget’ for everything. For a day’s vacation, one of everything is enough. For a week of getaway, pack at least three of everything and alter the way you wear it.



Last but not least, tip #3 is slipping in a bit more fun into your luggage. Remember, this is a process you do AFTER every basis has been settled and when you have extra space. Put your accessories, favourite books, and other extras into this category. You can go crazy and get an extra pair of stockings for party nights or a huge hat for the beach.

Don’t forget to have loads of fun and get as much sunlight as you can!

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