April Fashion Trends To Hop Onto!

It is the fourth month of the calendar. The month of April gets its name from the Latin word aperio, meaning “to open,” because plants really begin to grow. With every bloom, comes a new trend. The internet showed us quite a few fashion challenges for this spring, and we can’t wait to share our discoveries of what matches our clothing line!


1.Knit and Crochet

Spotted at various runways, knitwear was rarely a major summer trend. But, after SS21's obsession with all things crochet this season, we’re spotting major changes. It matches any occasion with its cultural inspiration. Try out Imani Crochet Top for a taste of some of the comfort.



Summer 2022 sees underwear become a perfectly acceptable form of outerwear. Quite a few celebrities have already tried out this trend in the past, and it proves to have aged well. Layer it beneath an open blazer or a top/dress for a subtle hint of sexy. Product recommendation: Bastina Crop Top.



This trend has been around for a few seasons and is most definitely not new, but they're proving to be far more of a long-term look than any of us initially gave them credit for. Little details make up a huge part of an outfit, and cuts around the waist or torso are the best examples. Check out the Gala Dress for a solid proof! 

4.Strapped accents

Whether it's a top with multi-straps across the shoulders or skirts with a strapped waistband criss-crossing across the stomach, you'll have to embrace the threading details and stop worrying about uneven tan lines. Shout out to the Maya Tied Midi Skirt for having the cutest strap detail ever!

5.Low slung waist

“High-rise jeans may have dominated our wardrobes for over a decade, but come spring 2022 things are getting a whole lot more '00s as the low-slung waist makes its way back to the forefront of sartorial consciousness,” says Glamour Magazine. The Thea Skirt brings this concept alive. Pleated skirts and pants

Pleated midis are one of the most wearable trends this season. There are no set rules in branding these bottoms, so as long as you feel comfortable. Add in knits or crop tops, and you’d have the perfect combo. Check out the picture above for a mini illustration, with Pleated Pants and another crochet featured.


Trends are endless, and we are going to be back every month to let you pick your fighter in this diverse fashion industry!